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Dust to Dust...


You are made from stardust

every bit as bright and shiny

every bit as mysterious and ethereal

You are made from dust

everyday, ordinary dust

that settles in undisturbed places

that collects and holds memories of fingerprints

You come from the garden

a place of seeds and weeds,

where there is flourishing and where there is dormancy

The bits of you were gathered together

from stars, from dust, from the cool dirt of the garden

Holy breath spoke life into your very bones


Life will coax you along to wonder at the vastness of the stars

seeking answers in their mystery

that part of you that is stardust- illuminating

You will travel dusty roads

sometimes consumed by storms of dust and debris

but arriving on the other side more aware of the dust formed

in the shape and wonder of you

Your life will echo the seasons of the garden,

planting leading to growing

growing leading to fruit

fruit leading to blessing

blessing returning to dirt

to rest and renew

And when your journey comes full circle

when the breath that formed you

welcomes you home


you will scatter

among the stars

leaving fingerprints behind

resting at last in the garden


from the dust you were created and to the dust you will return


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