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Who is the Sassy Pastor?


Hi!  I'm Erica Koser, an Ordained Deacon in the UMC.  I serve Connections Shelter as the Executive Director.  An Enneagram 2, an ENFJ with Strengths in Strategy, Communication, Connectedness, Achievement, and Empathy I love to explore possibility, authentic relationships, and creating space for people's stories!  My call takes me to the margins where I try to live out the Gospel call to love your neighbor as yourself every day.   Why the Sassy Pastor you ask?  Well, I am a little unconventional, a lot sassy, and it's a catchy name ;). 


Farmer Want To Be

Have you ever searched for a place that truly speaks to your soul?  For me, that place is Hidden Silo Farm.  Away from the crowded confines of town, there is farm life.  A place to sip coffee on the porch swing, snuggle three billy goats, watch barn cats race across the lawn, and breathe deeply.  My farm grounds me and reminds me to connect to my soul.  It's also fun, exhausting, and a has never ending to-do list.


I have held many titles throughout my 50 years- daughter, wife, mom, nurse, doula, entrepreneur, pastor.  The experiences that come with these titles shape the way I see the world and where I see God at work in the world.  Above all, I know that I am a beloved child of God- called, named, claimed, and sent to seek the beloved in the world.  I love big!

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