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I Need Holy Week

I need the grit of it to scrub my soul, the weight of it to break open the places

weariness has settled in my very bones

I need to stand in the crowd, shouting Hosanna, believing my voice means something

Towards justice, and peace, and truth

I need to rail against the patriarchy and feel the usurped power in the tipping of tables

Unexpected, upending

I need to gather with friends around the table; to hold the deep knowing of something coming, but tangibly grasping the comfort of the familiar-

bread, cup, community.

I need to stumble into the anguish of Gethsemane,

pleading, searching, knowing

I need to weep with the women at the foot of the cross,

in the grief and the crushing brokenness of a world gone dark

I need to drift in the in-between time; in the liminal space of done but not yet finished,

body rung out, void of emotion, sitting in holy silence.

I need to step into the pale light of dawn in the garden,

bare feet on cool grass, toes digging into mud, Bird song promising abundance

I need to encounter the gardener, to hear Him call my name,

to promise there is more, this isn't the end,

to remind me of HOPE….

I need to run on feet fueled by joy to proclaim

“I have seen the Lord”

March 31, 2023. Rev. Erica Koser


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