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Do you need a little soul care?  A little space to check in with God? Check here each week for a snapshot and a blessing from my hobby farm.

Picture of the Week

Sometimes when we look back on our lives, we can see where God has planted seeds.  I met this goat almost 10 years ago on a mission trip at Harvest Farm, an addiction recovery farm in Wellington, Colorado.  For a city girl, I didn't know much about the farm life.  But I felt a deep connection to the work, to the animals, to the rhythm of the days.  Several seeds were planted that trip- one growing into my own farm and goats!

A Blessing of the Seeds God Plants

Seeds are often sown in unexpected places

In souls, in dreams, 

In passions and promises

Sometimes seeds lay fallow in the ground

Until we forget their very existence

But then, bursting into our lives

like a weed through the sidewalk

Beauty erupts, dreams take root, 

and God blesses seeds buried deep in our souls.

-Pr. Erica

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